screenshotvidI have a long history in television and radio journalism.

My TV news experience is extensive: I have worked as a live news presenter, a lineup producer, studio producer and reporter. I spent more than five years at Australia’s world news-focused government channel, SBS, and another two years at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, working across its global arm Australia Network, and the flagship national business program, Inside Business. I have worked as a freelance producer on flagship ABC TV programs, Foreign Correspondent and Q&A: the former, an investigative story on Australia-Indian surrogacy, and the latter for their Delhi special episode.

I also have videojournalism skills and can shoot, script and produce packages for online and television. I shoot on a Sony HDV camcorder and edit on FCP.

I also regularly work as a radio journalist for Monocle24 and the ABC’s Radio National, producing and editing packages of up to 15 minutes’ duration.